The oooohs and ahhhhs when customers enter the shop has us believe our front window display is “trending”. I am blessed to have creative staff and I think Tess enjoys channeling her creative talents when creating a new window display each month. I set the challenge by giving a theme or colour or product to highlight and walk away.  Tess then weaves her magic to present a fabulous mannequin and window display for all to enjoy.  You can see it from the road and we’ve had people stop and come in just to check it out at closer range.

Tess starts with a nude mannequin and dresses her with chair sashes, flowers and other products only found in store crafting, folding and gathering them into a stylish dress using only pins. A few other products arranged with the mannequin to compliment the story and the display is complete. I return to the store in great anticipation to see the finished design and I am wow’ed every single time by the result.  This month our Christmas angel display is literally stopping traffic!

Drive by or better still call in and take a closer look.