This paint is specially formulated to be delicate enough to be used on fresh flowers, silk and real touch latex flowers, Styrofoam but can also be used on many other surfaces.  Most spray paints will make these delicate surfaces disintegrate. It can also be used on fabric, glass, metals, paper, plastic, ceramics, ribbon, leather, wood and so on.  The appeal for Designmaster Paints is wide due to it being a multi-purpose product. The versatility of this product makes it perfect for not only for florists but for artisans, crafters and milliners.

Our range of colours is always expanding and we’ve had to make room time and time again to fit all the colours that are now available. The metallics are very popular this year with a constant effort to keep them in stock. New colours in store – Cranberry, Maroon, Saffron, Champagne Gold, Tangerine, Blue Bright, Super Sealer, Grey Flannel, Wedgewood Blue, Pink Glow, Gloss Red, Holiday Green and Rose Gold.

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