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Dress to Impress this Racing Season

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The winter racing season is in full swing with eyes on the spring race carnivals only just around the corner.  Winter in the tropics is more trans-seasonal due to the climate.  We simply don’t get those cold winter days when wearing heavy faux fur, felt and leather is a comfortable option.  Dress designers and milliners are very clever at incorporating a winter feel into an outfit but making it practical for the climate.


Tess made a display for the local Show recently and drew upon a winter colour palette for her designs.  It was a must that our display incorporated florals but Tess very cleverly mixed greens – olive, hunter and lime with and browns – bronze, chocolate and gold to create a stand-out mannequin. She then followed the colour palette through her floral couture head pieces.  Millinery is meant to turn heads and these two designs did exactly that!


Spring racing season brings with it an energy of light and pops of spring colours. Creativity can be unleased with an abundance of colour filling the fashion runways. Its a busy time for milliners creating bespoke one of a kind pieces for their customers.  They are often given a photo or fabric square and off they go sourcing all the materials to pull the total look together.


We help lots of milliners with their supplies – sinamay, decorative wire, bling, flowers, Designmaster paint are all very popular during racing season. Pop into www.cairnsfloralsupplies.com.au and we will help you find the supplies you need for your fascinator for the next racing carnival.


Innovating for a Sustainable Future in Floristry

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There are several companies producing innovative products for the floral industry that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. I recently wrote an article for the Australian Flower Industry Magazine on this topic.  Floral foam is a low cost and convenient product but is not the most environmentally friendly product.  There are ways to avoid or minimise its use. Some suggestions to consider:-

  • Make more bunches and bouquets and less box arrangements.
  • There are alternative products on the market that can hydrate bouquets/bunches without using floral foam in a wet pack wrapped in cello. One such product is Arrive Alive which we sell.  Its biodegradeable and made from recycled products.
  • When selecting flowers from a wholesaler or florist take a market-style approach and wrap them yourself in a bouquet in environmentally friendly paper.

There are so many other ways people are innovating for a sustainable future in floristry.  What are you doing? Generations to come will thank us for our efforts.


Has your high school formal become a big production?

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A rite of passage for senior secondary students through to adulthood usually entails a celebration with their fellow students.  For generations, the high school formal has been the highlight of the senior students’ calendar.  Planning commences months if not years ahead to ensure that their “moment” is perfect.  In Australia, it has become quite a production and certain industries take the formal and graduation seasons very seriously.

Trends change over time but, as someone working in the floral industry, its great to see that it is still popular to wear a buttonhole for the boys and a corsage for the girls.  I might be a little biased but I feel they complete the outfit! It is very sweet watching a nervous young lad presenting his partner with a corsage to wear.

Creating corsages and buttonholes are fiddly.  Co-ordinating the flowers, ribbon and any adornments is vital to ensuring a totally co-ordinated look with the colour and style of the dress and suit.

Florists are not the only business to be busy during high school formal and graduation seasons.  For months prior, businesses such as suit hire, dress shops, hair dressers, make up artists, tanning and beauty salons and shoe stores are all required to pull the complete outfit together. Arriving in style in a highly polished vehicle is so important to the impression the student wishes to leave.  Photographers snap the red carpet arrivals when all the time, effort, and energy put into the “look” is captured.

Cairns Floral Supplies creates silk corsages and buttonholes by custom order. Contact us today to book yours.



Julia-Rose to Share Her Knowledge at Floral Workshops in Cairns

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Multi-awarding winning floral designer, Julia-Rose returns to Cairns on Sunday 16 July to conduct floral design workshops. Cairns Floral Supplies will be a creative hive of activity when Julia-Rose works her magic showing people how to design offset bouquets, lush flower crowns and create an amazing design using Bolsa Flora.

Her love affair with the tropical north has Julia-Rose returning for a fourth time to share her knowledge.  The workshops are open to all abilities.  You can be a floral enthusiast and never touched a flower before, do floral arranging as a hobby, work in an associated industry or be a qualified florist with many years experience.  All attendees will learn new skills or improve their floristry skills.  People who attend find it a challenge to design in a different way to how they might have been taught. Everyone takes home their gorgeous creations after sharing experiences and being inspired by each other.

For more information or to book the workshops, click on the link below:


A Rose for June

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Synonymous with the month of June is the rose flower.  The rose is quite possibly the most well known and loved flower.  A rose can be used for almost any occasion – arrangements, bouquets, bunches, etc. There is such a wide variety of types, colours, scented, unscented giving it  universal appeal.  The various colours have individual meanings leading a customer purchasing a rose to give more thought into the significance of their purchase.  The structure of a rose is fascinating with its strong thorny stems producing a bloom of soft delicate petals. Home gardeners can have success in growing rose bushes and admiring the blooms they produce.  These rewards are not just for the professional rose farmer.

Next time you are purchasing flowers or a plant, remember there is so much more to a rose than its natural beauty.

Check out our range of silk roses available at Cairns Floral Supplies. https://cairnsfloralsupplies.com.au/products/#category/silks-roses/page-01



New Silk Flowers and Berries in the Flower Stands

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There are several things that get us excited but unpacking new stock is up high on the list.  We’ve recently had some shipments of silks arrive in the store with some new flowers and berries just hitting the flower stands.  Roses are always popular with customers looking for them is sizes from buds to full bloom and a fully range of colours.  The popularity of blue flowers can be a tricky one to find quality silks but we have two shades of blue roses just arrive with 3 flowers on a stem – 2 flowers and 1 bud. Also in that range of roses we have lavender and mauve which are perfect shades for winter and autumn.


Fresh hypericum berries are gorgeous in floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.  We now have silks hypericum berries in clusters of pink, red and green.  They are just gorgeous and have already proved popular.


Beautiful flowers like dahlia and gladiolus are seasonal flowers and we now have them in stock – perfect for floral arrangements.


Click on this link to view our full range of silk flowers and greenery    https://cairnsfloralsupplies.com.au/products/


A Natural Obsession with Hessian

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A brand new range of hessian ribbons and wraps have landed in store and are now available.  Enhance the natural look of your floral designs, gift packaging, craft, wedding or event with a touch of hessian.  The natural fibres add a textural quality and can be used for a range of occasions. The look evokes an earthy, rustic, country feel to any design. The pairing of hessian and lace has been a popular design for weddings and events.





Mess-free Flower Transport

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No more messy spills when transporting flowers and they will stay hydrated for at least three days!

Its a BIG claim but Chrysal Arrive Alive is a horticultural foam wrap which hydrates flowers during transport or at point of sale. It is easy to apply to the stems and will hydrate the flowers for at least three days. The product replaces wet packs and avoids the messy spills that can occur with buckets or vases of water. Flowers can be transported horizontally without the problem of leaking water. The foam pads come in a small and large size and are biodegradable, with rubber bands that are 60 per cent clay and a plastic bag made from recycled products.

Florists can offer Arrive Alive as an extra service to their customers by explaining that their flowers can be transported a long distance or that they can buy a bouquet a day earlier and be reassured that their flowers will arrive fresh.

An introductory offer is available for an additional 10% off Arrive Alive products, available until 30 June. We can ship the products to anywhere in Australia or overseas.



Top 3 Wedding Flower Trends

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Wedding season is well and truly underway.  As an observer, its fascinating to watch the trends change and evolve from one season to the next.  There are strong trends coming through this season and the Little White Boutique has listed 20 trends for 2017.  These are spot on but I have focused on three floral trends that deserve to be highlighted:-

  1. Who would have thought that Pantone Colour of the Year – Greenery would be so popular?  It was received with some reservations but the mix of shades and texture of foliage, particularly in floral garlands and arbours, is so elegant and stunning.
  2. Natural “just-thrown-together” bouquets are a bit of an oxymoron.  It requires a great deal of technique to achieve a gorgeous simply looking bouquet but they can look so deliciously beautiful.
  3. Flowers in hair.  Flowers aren’t just for holding or wearing on your lapel but they look equally as beautifully when worn in the hair.  It can be a simple single flower to a small head piece through to a lush flower crown that can complete the look for a bride, bridesmaid or flower girl.

Click here to read Little White boutique’s full blog http://littlewhiteboutique.com.au/top-wedding-trends-in-2017/

Contact Cairns Floral Supplies for all the supplies to make wedding bouquets, ceremony and reception arrangements. https://cairnsfloralsupplies.com.au/products/


Don’t be Short Changed this Mother’s Day

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Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  I know I might be a little biased considering the industry I work in but that’s why I’m in this industry. Whether its a fresh floral arrangement, potted plant or silk arrangement these gifts are cherished by Mums all around the world.  I urge anyone looking to buy flowers for Mum not to fall into the trap of ordering online from an “order gatherer” and make sure its from a real florist.  When orders are done through an order gatherer the full value of the purchase is not put into the arrangement as the company takes a hefty commission, the florist filling the order receives a slim margin and you will receive less value in flowers. There was negative press around Valentine’s Day due to order gatherers not delivering orders or the order not looking anything like the picture on their website or sending sub-standard product in their orders.

The benefit from ordering from a real florist is that you will receive the full value plus you are supporting an actual local business.  If we don’t support local businesses we will lose them! So how can you tell if you are ordering from an real florist?  Instead of clicking on the first website that comes up in google, check to see they have an actual business.  Most will offer online ordering or you can phone them and check they are a real florist.  Real florists won’t be offended by being asked this question, instead appreciate that you have taken the time to check.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there xxxx