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A relatively new product available in the floral industry is the floral foam table deco. It is available in small, medium, large and triple. The floral industry moves with the trends in wedding and events and the table deco is the perfect base for floral garlands and greenery garlands along the centre of tables which are very popular at the moment.  The table deco uses less product as it has a narrower and lower profile than the single brick of floral foam therefore making the garlands more cost effective. Of course, the table deco can be used for other purposes also.  They can also be used on arbours requiring less product and time to create.

If you are looking for a rectangular foam base of varying lengths then the table deco could be your new “go to” floral foam product.

Click on this link to check out our range of floral foam table deco products.

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Shop Online for Designmaster Paint – Floral Supplies Cairns

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This paint is specially formulated to be delicate enough to be used on fresh flowers, silk and real touch latex flowers, Styrofoam but can also be used on many other surfaces.  Most spray paints will make these delicate surfaces disintegrate. It can also be used on fabric, glass, metals, paper, plastic, ceramics, ribbon, leather, wood and so on.  The appeal for Designmaster Paints is wide due to it being a multi-purpose product. The versatility of this product makes it perfect for not only for florists but for artisans, crafters and milliners.

Our range of colours is always expanding and we’ve had to make room time and time again to fit all the colours that are now available. The metallics are very popular this year with a constant effort to keep them in stock. New colours in store – Cranberry, Maroon, Saffron, Champagne Gold, Tangerine, Blue Bright, Super Sealer, Grey Flannel, Wedgewood Blue, Pink Glow, Gloss Red, Holiday Green and Rose Gold.

Click on this link to check out our range of Designmaster Paints.

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What’s Trending? Our front window

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The oooohs and ahhhhs when customers enter the shop has us believe our front window display is “trending”. I am blessed to have creative staff and I think Tess enjoys channeling her creative talents when creating a new window display each month. I set the challenge by giving a theme or colour or product to highlight and walk away.  Tess then weaves her magic to present a fabulous mannequin and window display for all to enjoy.  You can see it from the road and we’ve had people stop and come in just to check it out at closer range.

Tess starts with a nude mannequin and dresses her with chair sashes, flowers and other products only found in store crafting, folding and gathering them into a stylish dress using only pins. A few other products arranged with the mannequin to compliment the story and the display is complete. I return to the store in great anticipation to see the finished design and I am wow’ed every single time by the result.  This month our Christmas angel display is literally stopping traffic!

Drive by or better still call in and take a closer look.


Add a Touch of Christmas Cheer

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Are you the type of person that eagerly embraces the lead up to Christmas or prefer to bury your head in the sand blocking all the hype out till a couple of days before?

Regardless how you feel about it all, the fact is Christmas is fast approaching. I look forward to the catch up with family and friends and taking the time to thank those that are important to my business.

Gift giving is a big part of the festivities and we stock a large range of Christmas products to make your gifts look amazing.

Check out or Christmas category in our online shop for specific Xmas stock. There is more arriving every week. We have loads of products in store that can be themed for Christmas without actually screaming Christmas!


How to Thank Your VIP Customers

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Want to thank your loyal customers, important suppliers and trusted staff this Christmas but not crafty or creative or know where to start?  You probably have a big list of things to do before Christmas.  I know I do! We have the solution…..

We offer a prestige gift wrapping service so you can thank your very important customers without worry or hassle. Our service ranges from gift wrapped bottles of wine to large hamper baskets.  You select the gift and we’ll make it look amazing.

Alternatively, gourmet gift hampers are also available where we supply everything. Direct delivery can be arranged.

Contact us today for more information. 



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The nation will pause for a minute at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th month and remember those that gave their life for our freedom.  Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day are two important days in Australia to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many.  We live in a wonderful country free to live our lives and I for one will be eternally grateful.

People attending ceremonies around the country typically use wreaths, often adorned with poppies, to show respect. All the supplies to make your wreath are available from us.

To all men and women in the Armed Forces – Thank you for your service to our country.



Dress to Impress this Racing Season

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The winter racing season is in full swing with eyes on the spring race carnivals only just around the corner.  Winter in the tropics is more trans-seasonal due to the climate.  We simply don’t get those cold winter days when wearing heavy faux fur, felt and leather is a comfortable option.  Dress designers and milliners are very clever at incorporating a winter feel into an outfit but making it practical for the climate.


Tess made a display for the local Show recently and drew upon a winter colour palette for her designs.  It was a must that our display incorporated florals but Tess very cleverly mixed greens – olive, hunter and lime with and browns – bronze, chocolate and gold to create a stand-out mannequin. She then followed the colour palette through her floral couture head pieces.  Millinery is meant to turn heads and these two designs did exactly that!


Spring racing season brings with it an energy of light and pops of spring colours. Creativity can be unleased with an abundance of colour filling the fashion runways. Its a busy time for milliners creating bespoke one of a kind pieces for their customers.  They are often given a photo or fabric square and off they go sourcing all the materials to pull the total look together.


We help lots of milliners with their supplies – sinamay, decorative wire, bling, flowers, Designmaster paint are all very popular during racing season. Pop into and we will help you find the supplies you need for your fascinator for the next racing carnival.


Innovating for a Sustainable Future in Floristry

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There are several companies producing innovative products for the floral industry that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. I recently wrote an article for the Australian Flower Industry Magazine on this topic.  Floral foam is a low cost and convenient product but is not the most environmentally friendly product.  There are ways to avoid or minimise its use. Some suggestions to consider:-

  • Make more bunches and bouquets and less box arrangements.
  • There are alternative products on the market that can hydrate bouquets/bunches without using floral foam in a wet pack wrapped in cello. One such product is Arrive Alive which we sell.  Its biodegradeable and made from recycled products.
  • When selecting flowers from a wholesaler or florist take a market-style approach and wrap them yourself in a bouquet in environmentally friendly paper.

There are so many other ways people are innovating for a sustainable future in floristry.  What are you doing? Generations to come will thank us for our efforts.

Has your high school formal become a big production?

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A rite of passage for senior secondary students through to adulthood usually entails a celebration with their fellow students.  For generations, the high school formal has been the highlight of the senior students’ calendar.  Planning commences months if not years ahead to ensure that their “moment” is perfect.  In Australia, it has become quite a production and certain industries take the formal and graduation seasons very seriously.

Trends change over time but, as someone working in the floral industry, its great to see that it is still popular to wear a buttonhole for the boys and a corsage for the girls.  I might be a little biased but I feel they complete the outfit! It is very sweet watching a nervous young lad presenting his partner with a corsage to wear.

Creating corsages and buttonholes are fiddly.  Co-ordinating the flowers, ribbon and any adornments is vital to ensuring a totally co-ordinated look with the colour and style of the dress and suit.

Florists are not the only business to be busy during high school formal and graduation seasons.  For months prior, businesses such as suit hire, dress shops, hair dressers, make up artists, tanning and beauty salons and shoe stores are all required to pull the complete outfit together. Arriving in style in a highly polished vehicle is so important to the impression the student wishes to leave.  Photographers snap the red carpet arrivals when all the time, effort, and energy put into the “look” is captured.

Cairns Floral Supplies creates silk corsages and buttonholes by custom order. Contact us today to book yours.