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When looking for ideas for Mother’s Day gifts we usually turn to Google for ideas. A quick search and you’ll find the traditional gift of flowers still topping lists in popularity. Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best floral gift for Mum.

Floral arrangements change with the season’s trends and this Mother’s Day you are likely to find bouquets wrapped in hessian, arrangements in containers like gold ceramic and aluminium pots, interesting vase containers and hat boxes. Most floral arrangements are designed to Mum’s favourite colours but if she doesn’t have a favourite, then you can’t go past the pinks and purples tones.

Emerging in popularity are green plants for the home or office.

Ordering flowers from a local florist will ensure the full value of your order is put into the arrangement rather than reduced due to a commission taken by an order gather. Be carefully when googling and take an extra moment to ensure you are buying from a real local florist. Its also great for the local economy!