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All floral foam is NOT created equal! The most notable brand in the industry is Oasis Floral Foam. Many people will call any brand of floral foam “Oasis” just because that’s the only brand they know. As our society moves towards more environmental awareness, there is a lot of negative feeling towards the use of floral foam in the industry as the product comes with a MSDS (materials safety data sheet).

Oasis Floral Foam has been in the industry for many years and most florists are familiar with its water retention and gripping ability. There is no doubt that it is a high quality product but with its brand reputation it is also at the top end of the floral foam market with regards to price. Regular Oasis foam is produced in Malaysia.

Premium Floral Foam is a relative newcomer to the Australian market. This foam is made in China (as are many other brands) and anecdotal evidence suggests that it has superior water retention. Florists have commented that it works as well as the Oasis brand. The Premium brand is considerably cheaper than the Oasis brand.

Oasis Maxlife Biodegradable Floral Foam is Oasis’ latest offering with enhanced foam formulation designed for modern landfills. It attracts microbes that break the foam down into methane, CO2 and organic matter. Oasis state that the  foam will biodegrade 100% within 576 days. This is a massive improvement to have a floral foam on the market that is biodegradable but 576 days is a long time, hence there is still a lot of room for improvement. Some florists have found this foam to be a little crumbly and are careful when they choose to use it preferring to avoid it when designing with thick, hard stems. This foam is produced in Korea and is the dearest of all three brands being analysed in this article.


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