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When you mention dried flowers most people recall the dusty dead-looking flowers that were popular many decades ago. Well dried flowers have had a makeover and drying and preserving techniques used nowadays is producing a large range of vibrant colours and product choices. The best thing about dried flowers is that they are everlasting which makes them a very cost effective option. Dried flowers are real flowers that have been carefully dried and/or preserved. In a time where large parts of Australia is experiencing tough drought conditions you can still have lovely flowers. They are being used in events, weddings, bouquets and in the home as they are so versatile.

As part of our everlasting range of flowers and to compliment our extensive silk flower range, we now stock dried flowers. The range is constantly changing and evolving due to availability and demand but one thing is for sure, dried flowers are on trend. We think the trend that will be around for some time too. They are available by the stem or small bunch so you can arrange them yourself or if creativity isn’t your thing, we have some pre-made arrangements and bouquets ready to go.

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